Alphabay Market

Alphabay is currently the #1 rated deep web market. It has few competitors due to the excellent layout, ease-of-use, reliable vendors, huge selection of drugs and digital goods, and cryptocurrency options. Alphabay currently accepts both Bitcoin and Monero, with Monero accounting for 2% of its sales. Alphabay offers both normal and multisig escrow.

The market was founded by ‘alpha02’, a professional carder and experienced deep web market user. Around 2013 he decided to found his own market and created Alphabay.

This market has withstood the test of time and seen many competitors either get busted or end in exit scams. At the current moment, there is no reason to use any other market than Alphabay, unless you are looking for more esoteric items or services, such as those found on RAMP.

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Access Alphabay through TOR by visiting the Alphabay URL