The dummies guide to Alphabay


The dark web is full of markets that sell illegal substances, and Alphabay is the undisputed king. If you somehow have not heard of this, you need to read this article. Today, we will be going over Alphabay, and making a dummies guide on the popular dark net market.

Alphabay is the biggest market on the dark web by a wide margin. They are more than three times bigger than their biggest competitor! You can find a bunch of drugs, guns, cards, and more on the market for sale! You can pay using Bitcoin, Electrum, Monero, and ZCASH. Alphabay holds the payment until you receive the item.

Accessing Alphabay is simple. The first thing you need is the TOR browser. The TOR browser allows you to access the deep web. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the dark web will hide you from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), as they can track TOR usage. You need to get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) first. A VPN allows you to completely bamboozle your ISP as it will connect your computer to a different server that the one your ISP provides. Once your VPN is on, you can access TOR safely. Whenever you access TOR, close all tabs except the TOR browser and your VPN. Once you are safely on TOR, go to Alphabay using this link: http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion and you are good to go! Set a username, password, and a pin. Fill out any other information you wish, and you can start buying or selling.



Set up a PGP key to make sure all your communication is private. You don’t want agents to get hold of your illegal communications!  According to Alphabay market, “When looking to buy something from AlphaBay marketplace, it is important to always look for vendors with a great number of positive reviews and it is also good to research them further on forums or ask around on AlphaBay subreddit to confirm the quality of their service. Make sure to read through the description, check their “Trust Level” (1 being the lowest and 5 being the best), Check their vendor level (1 being the lowest and 5 being the best), You can see where the product is coming from and where they ship to etc.”. You want to make sure that you can trust the seller and that are legitimate.

Cashing out and withdrawing coins from Alphabay is simple and easy. Simply deposit into the specified address, and fill out the required information for withdrawals. Alphabay is a trusted market always processes this transactions in a professional and quick manner.

Alphabay is the most popular market on the dark web. Make sure to use them whenever you need to buy or sell something illegal. Even if you do not need anything, browsing the market is a great way to pass some time. Alphabay has its own subreddit, so you can ask questions there. If this guide helped you, make sure to comment in the comments section! Check back next week for another article!


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