Yemini Alphabay Drug Traffickers Plead Guilty


Two Yemeni citizens who resided in Brooklyn, New York were arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine via Alphabay on August 11th of last year. The two Alphabay vendors, Abdullah Al Maswali (31) and Chaudhry Ahmad Farooq (24), transacted under the names “Area51” and “Dark Apollo.”

The sneaky drug vendors were hit with a Trojan Horse after undercover agents purchased Heroin from the group. Initial analysis showed the encrypted email addresses used by the duo were tied to genuine social media accounts, and helped build their case.

New updates in the case produced by US Customs, DEA and other agencies show both Farooq and Maswali pled guilty to conspiring to traffic heroin. In the plea agreement by Farooq, he admitted to transacting approximately 640 grams of Heroin on Alphabay for $145,807. Both parties could be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison along with a one-million dollar fine. Court proceedings are expected continue later this month.


  1. Right… 145k from 640 gs of dark… I know the darknet can be spendy and may have a few affluent idiots utilizing it, but there is absolutely no way possible these guys were selling dark for $225/gram.
    That being said, I suppose it truly wasn’t very long ago that it was $20/point so $200/gram where I frequented…. But only idiots or fiends would ever pay more then $150/g then. Oh except in Juneau. Shit in ak is $100/POINT! $1000/G for something everyones selling just one ferry ride down the coast for $50/g. Incredible profits to be made there-online you have competitors though who basically keep prices high but not insane.