TorCoin – Soon to Be Accepted on Alphabay?


TorCoin is a new, fully anonymous cryptocurrency integrated with the TOR anonymity network, which makes it an ideal coin for privacy-related uses.  TOR node operators can remain completely anonymous because all traffic is routed through TOR.

TorCoin offers stealth sending capability, making it impossible to trace payments, which is perfect for users seeking maximum privacy.  There is no way to backtrace a TorCoin stealth payment, and therefore no reason to use a mixer or tumbler, which is both expensive and risky (the mixer may steal your funds, which happens all the time to Bitcoin users).

TorCoin users can communicate anonymously with each other through encrypted end-to-end messaging build directly into the protocol.

TorCoin is likely to be accepted on Alphabay in the near future and possibly other darknet markets because of its strong anonymity features.


  1. alpha bay mods are scamming buyers I lost more than i spent on Alphabay my account was locked with nearly a BTC in it I had the security moniker that was given at registration but was told it was not enough .
    So my funds were basically stolen by the Site I don’t even recall what happened the time before that but it sucks I have been around since SR1 and only on Alphabay have i been ripped off I was able to log into my old account but after complaining to the Mods I lost total access
    I am not the only one